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Lady Edith’s chest hair believes that life can sometimes be a drudge. It is at those times that the tiniest relief can be hugely welcomed.

Lady Edith’s chest hair has had to drive an hour and a half to Middletown weekly for the last few months to renew her rental car contract (does it really matter where “Middletown" is? No. Every town with that name has got to be like every other one.).

The drive is a very pretty one, unless one is overtired, which LEch too often is. It is at this time that LEch has learned to love the automatic automobile feature of cruise control. Cruise control does not actually work too well going up and down steep hills, as one does in the Catskills, but it works well enough for someone who is well & truly sick of driving back & forth to Middletown.

Last week, I dared set the cruise control at 70 MPH (113 KmPH) as the local speed is 65. How exciting! Vrrrooommm!

This week, I hit the cruise control button when I was going about 67 MPH, and started to click to move the speed up to 70—but then!

But THEN!!!

It dawned on me that I could set the cruise control at 69!

69! Get it? 69!

So Lady Edith’s chest hair giggled and grinned, all the way to Middletown.

My only regret, is that as we are legally allowed to drive as fast as 75 MPH, there is no chance that a big, young, strong State Trooper is going to stop me, so I can confess to driving at 69, and see what he wants to do about it.

*giggle* *giggle*

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